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Jaguar 175 Cammo Crossbow Combo $349.00

This combo includes a Jaguar 175 lb cammoflage full crossbow kit with 6 broadheads, a Jaguar cocking aid, and a padded case.

The 100 grain broadheads are light weight so they will help to maintain a flat tragectory. 3 razor sharp blades provide maximum cutting and deep penetration, so you will have a deep clean cut.

Fixed blades are ideal for crossbow hunters because they will not pop open when you pull the trigger. 26mm diameter exceeds the 22mm required by some provinces.

The cocking aid 2:1 ratio effectively cuts the force required to cock you bow in half, so you can manage the heavy draw weight.

The padded soft case is mat black and has internal straps to hold your bow in place. Use this case to carry your bow legally before sunrise and after sunset.