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Guillotine 185 lb Camo (Out of Stock)

The Guillotine 185 lb compound crossbow is one of the most powerful and accurate bows on the market.

Compound 185 lb limbs launch your 20"carbon bolt at speeds up to 370 feet per second* with pinpoint accuracy at maximum range. This kit includes a scope and mount, quiver with bolts, stringer and rope cocking aid.

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The Guillotine's 185 pound draw weight launches your bolt with power, speed and accuracy. Your bolt will slice through large game and bury itself into whatever else gets in its path. Reach speeds up to 370 feet per second with the hunting grade bolts provided.

Massive force, amazing speed, and incredible accuracy with EK Archery Research quality makes this bow one of the best choices for hunting big game.

G1 Camo design helps you blend in for a practical hunting experience. This is an excellent design if you hunt in the spring or fall.

The built in anti dryfire feature protects the limbs from damage in the event of accidental discharge, the automatic safety feature engages the safety when you load it, and anti vibration dampners help to keep the bow quiet.

Quiver with 3 bolts. Target points included.

A rope cocking aid is included with every bow. The 2:1 ratio effectively cuts the force required to cock you bow in half, so you can manage the 185 LB draw weight. It also has adjustable length, so you can size it for almost any bow and any hunter.

4 x 32 scope and mount, detatchable quiver with 3 bolts, and rope cocking aid. The mount, lens caps, and cleaner are all included.

The rugged ambidextrous stock works for for righties and lefties. Constructed of strong composite material, this bow weighs 3.9 kilograms including the scope, bolts and quiver.