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Cro-Mag 225

The Cro-Magnon Cro-Mag 225 comes standard with power, accuracy, and everything else you need to take down large game. Our new Cro-Mag 225 shoots a 350-grain arrow at speeds up to 350 fps! The recurve design and ViperX string ensure speed and accuracy with every shot. The 3.1 LB trigger pull provides a smooth shot, and helps to avoid miss-fire that lighter pull triggers may cause.

This kit includes, a 4x32 scope, sling, four arrow quiver, six Blue Line broadheads, a ViperX crossbow string, stringing aid, and a cocking aid. This is a complete crossbow. We don't charge extra for upgrades. This bow comes loaded with all you need.


Cro-Magnon has a five year warranty.

The ViperX crossbow string is one of the best crossbow strings produced. This is a premium string and it comes standard with every Cro-Mag 225.

Our 4x32 scope provides 4 times amplification and high light gathering characteristics so you can see your target clearly from dawn till dusk. This is a traditional scope with crosshairs, so there are no batteries required.

The stringing aid will help you safely put your string on or off with minimal effort.

The rope cocking aid reduces the required pull force by 50%, so you can easily pull back the 225-LB force.

G1 cammo design and soft grip stock helps you hunt silently and breaks up your form against a wooded backdrop.

The four-arrow quiver is detachable, so you can remove it while placing the bow in the case and before shooting.

The adjustable sling helps you easily carry the bow.

Six Blue Line broadheads are included. These broadheads are ideal for deer and large game. They have no moving parts, so you don't need to worry about them popping open before impact.