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Desert Hawk 225 Crossbow Kit

The new 225 pound Desert Hawk is one of the most accurate bows on the market. The recurve limb launches your bolt at speeds up to 330 feet per second* with pinpoint accuracy at maximum range. This kit includes a 4 x 32 scope and mount, detatchable quiver with 3 bolts, and rope cocking aid.

Rugged composite stock with G1 camouflage design.

225 pound draw weight with compression molded fiberglass limb fires bolts at speeds up to 330 feet per second.

The reinforced composite stock is light weight and durable. The trigger assembly includes an anti-dry fire design, so you don't accidently damage the limbs. The detachable limb assembly is pre-strung, so you don't have to install the string.

Ambidextrous safety, so lefties and righties can easily go from safe mode to fire mode. The safety switch is automatically engaged when the bow is drawn for increased safety.

Weaver® style rail gives a solid mount for a large scope.


4 x 32 Scope amplifies the target by 4 times which helps with identification and aim. This scope has a wide viewing area of 32 millimeters. This helps with finding and keeping the target in your sights and seeing your target better during sunrise and sunset.
It also has adjustments for windage and elevation, so you can adjust the scope to match your eye and shooting style.

Anti-glare lens coating with no light dimming tint gives maximum visibility.

Cocking aid for easy cocking. It effectively reduces the pull force by 50 percent, so you don't have to pull as hard when loading.

Machined aluminum barrel offers high strength with light weight.

6 bolt detachable quiver with 3 of the 20" inch carbon bolts included. Size 2019 with threaded insert for broadhead installation. (broadheads not included)

Crossbow length: 36-1/2" including stirrup

13-1/2" power stroke